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Vaunix Technology Corporation - a young company, located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. The company produces low cost, small-size measuring instruments under the brand Lab Brick. All devices connected to the computer via USB and run a special program. The devices also carried out via USB, so they do not require additional power supplies. The product line includes a microwave signal generators, attenuators, RF switches and phase shifters. Devices Vaunix indispensable for amateur radio laboratories, laboratories in enterprises and educational institutions. Devices may be used in mass production of electronics as a simple and inexpensive device control anywhere technological chain. For all instruments available API (Application Programming Interface), allowing to develop their own software. All devices Vaunix compatible with LabView ™ software company National Instruments. Small size and light weight enables their use of on-site and the installation of equipment.

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Low-cost microwave products Lab Brick™ by Vaunix

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