Domestic Conference on RF / Microwave and electronics




Time / Frequency


"Microwave & Telecommunication Technology"


Sevastopol, Russia

Autumn (September) / 1 per year

Coordinating Scientific Workshop on Microwave Technology

Subject of the seminar:

- Electronic devices and equipment, solid state devices and equipment, radio equipment and systems, semiconductor materials and Superpurity substance.


pos. Hahala Nizhny Novgorod region

Autumn (September) / 1 per two years

"Exchange of experience in the field of radio UWB systems"

Section: UWB microwave device, design and technology, radio systems


Omsk on the basis of "Central Design Bureau of Automation"

Autumn (September) / 1 per two years

"Electronics and Microelectronics microwave"

Main directions:
Physical phenomena in materials microwave electronics,
Materials and methods of microwave electronics for their preparation
Elements, devices and microwave electronics
Modeling elements, instruments and devices of microwave electronics
Antennas and phased array antennas
Measurement of microwave
Metamaterials: microwave applications


St. Petersburg, on the basis of the university complex ETU

Summer (June) / 1 per year

"Solid-state electronics. Sophisticated functional blocks CEA"

Conference devoted to microwave and power semiconductors, integrated circuits, promising technologies for the production and study of semiconductor devices and materials, sophisticated electronic equipment functional blocks



Autumn - Winter / 1 per year

"Radar and radio"

Main directions: Fundamental problems of radar and radio-wave; modern radar systems; Problems counter radar detection; Remote sensing; Signal processing; Fundamental problems of radio; Modern radio systems.



Autumn - Winter / 1 per year

""Digital Signal Processing and its Applications - DSPA""

International Scientific Conference "Digital Signal Processing and its Applications - DSPA" consistent with the goals and objectives of the consolidation and support of domestic scientists and professionals working in the field of advanced information technologies real time, expansion of international scientific relations and the promotion of high technologies of the XXI century.



Spring / 1 per year

"Problems of microwave electronics" MIEM

The conference is devoted to fundamental and applied problems of vacuum and microwave solid state electronics are discussed in meetings on various aspects of the Russian Scientific Seminar "Problems of electronics on the methods of microwave electronics" and the All-Russian Scientific Seminar "Electrodynamics of periodic and irregular structures."



Spring / 1 per year

"Technology of micro - and nanoelectronics IN MICRO - AND TECHNOLOGY nanosistemnoy" MIET

Modeling, design and manufacturing technology of microelectronics, nano-elements and devices: nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanical systems, emission structure, storage and energy conversion, biochemical systems.


Moscow, Zelenograd

Winter - Spring / 1 per year

"Acoustooptic and radar techniques
measuring and processing of information"

Main research areas:
generation and radiation of ultrawideband signals and ultrashort pulses; Reception, measurement and processing of ultrawideband signals and ultrashort pulses; Distribution of ultrawideband signals and ultrashort pulses in natural environments; Millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths, etc.



Autumm / 1 per year

Sinhroinfo MTUCI

The seminar will discuss topical issues of theory and technical aspects of the construction of promising communication systems and devices

Depends on who won the grant. (In cities of Russia and CIS)


Summer / 1 per year

"Radar, navigation, communication" (RLNC)

Main areas: Common problems of transmission and processing of information, recognition and image processing, digital signal processing, radio systems and transmission of discrete messages, Mobile, etc.



Spring (April) / 1 per year


Main areas: Radio-technical systems, signal processing devices and navigation systems, instrumentation, microwave technology, antennas and devices, etc.



Spring (May) / 1 per year

Physics and application of microwaves "("Waves 2013")

Main areas: Microelectronics and electrodynamics Radiofotonika, Nanophotonics and plasmonics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems, spectroscopy and imaging, etc.


MO, in a boarding house "University"

Spring (May) / 1 per year

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