13.10.2015 Компания ETL представляет новые разработки в 3 квартале 2015 года

    New Product Information  - Q3
  ETL Systems New Products - Quarter 3

The list below shows information on our new satcoms RF products ideal for BROADCAST, SATELLITE OPERATORS, TELECOMS and GOVERNMENT / MILITARY applications.

Please take a look to see if there is a solution for your RF requirements.
 Switch Matrix / Router

128 x 128 IF Switch Matrix / Router - Vulcan
  • 40-200MHz IF frequency range
  • Compact 16U high chassis with a capacity of 128 inputs and 128 outputs
  • Typically used for larger teleports and signal monitoring for satellite communication
  • Local and remote control with extensive monitoring facilities
  • Resilience - dual PSU's & CPU modules, redundant paths & hot swap features
  • 0-30dB variable gain to balance input signals.
Model VCN-12

RF over Fibre

RF over Fibre L-band & Broadband CWDM modules - StingRay series
  • 850-2450MHz L-band and 50 to 2450MHz Broadband
  • Compact fibre links for transmission distances up to 35km
  • Eight wavelengths on a single fibre cable.
Model SRY-TyyL1-141 & SRY-RX-L1-142
SRY-TxxB2-143 & SRY-RX-B2-144

RF over Fibre IF modules with -20dB monitoring ports- StingRay series
  • 50-200MHz IF RF over fibre 200 series modules
  • -20dB monitoring port to measure input signal levels.
Model SRY-TX-F2-215 & SRY-RX-F2-216


RF over Fibre Outdoor unit
  • Robust weatherproof (IP65 rated) enclosure
  • Designed to be wall or post mounted close to the antenna
  • Accommodating up to 4 Transmit or Receive 400 series StingRay Fibre modules.
Model ODU203

4-way L-band Splitter with automatic or manual gain control – Modular System
  • 850-2350MHz L-band frequency range
  • Designed to be housed in 26128 modular system chassis - holding up to 16 modules in 4U
  • 0-28 dB variable gain and 0-12 dB slope compensation to balance input signal levels
  • AGC mode for output level selection and MGC mode for attenuation level selection
  • RF detection provides signal level monitoring.
Model 26128-DIV421


4-way L-band Splitter with automatic or manual gain control & LNB powering – Modular System

  • As above with the integrated and selectable 13/18V LNB powering with 22KHz tone.
Model 26128-DIV450

8-way L-band Splitter with dual redundant amplifiers, variable gain & slope, LNB powering – Modular System
  • 850-2150MHz L-band frequency range
  • Designed to be housed in 26128 modular system chassis - holding up to 8 modules in 4U
  • Resilience - 1+1 dual redundant amplifiers with auto switching from main to stand-by based on current sensing
  • 0-28 dB variable gain & 0-6 dB slope for signal balance
  • Selectable 13/18V LNB powering with 22kHz tone.
Model 26128-DIV828

Dual 4-way C-band Active Splitter
  • 3.4-4.8GHz C-band active dual 4-way splitter
  • Optional signal monitoring via front panel
  • Ethernet remote monitoring & unit temperature via a web browser interface.
Model D0104D1UC1A-22408


Dual 4-way Variable Gain KU-band Active Splitter
  • 10.7-12.75GHz KU-band dual 4-way active splitter
  • 0 to -15 dB variable gain
  • Optional signal monitoring via front panel.
Model D0104D1UK1A-22407


4-way & 8-way Single L-band Active Splitter with 10 MHz pass, LNB powering & optional dual redundant amplifiers & DC Pass - Dextra Series
  • 850-2450MHz L-band
  • 10 MHz pass
  • 13/18V LNB powering & 22KHz tone
  • Optional features include:
    • Dual redundant amplifiers
    • DC pass
  • Extensive remote control & monitoring facilities via a web browser interface
  • Customer settable alarm thresholds for LNB current monitoring
  • Front panel -20dB signal monitoring port.
Model D0104S1ULA-22450 (4-way)
Model D0108S1ULA-22483 (8-way)


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