19.04.2019. New Multi-Channel Digital Attenuator company Vaunix

Vaunix has completed its series of USB devices under the Lab Brick trademark with a new model — the multi-channel digital attenuator LDA-906V-8. This device is a bidirectional attenuator, characterized by excellent resolution, high repeatability attenuation, significant reliability in operation. The device provides various modes of operation: fixed attenuation, stepwise linear change of attenuation, user-defined profiles.
Key features of the new attenuator:

  • operating frequency range: 200 - 6000 MHz;
  • resistance: 50 Ohm;
  • number of channels: 8;
  • attenuation range: 90 dB;
  • attenuation step: 0.1 dB;
  • insertion loss: 5 dB (up to 2 GHz), 6.5 dB (up to 4 GHz); 8.5 dB (up to 6 GHz);
  • switching time: 15 µs;
  • attenuation accuracy: 0.25 dB;
  • VSWR: 1.5: 1;
  • the intersection point of the third-order intermodulation components at the input: 47 dBm;
  • maximum input power: 28 dBm (1 - 6 GHz);
  • operating temperature range: -30 ... 70 ºС;
  • dimensions: 241.3 x 50.0 x 21.8 mm;
  • weight: 0.45 kg.
On RF attenuator ports, SMA-female connectors are used, the USB connector type is B-female. The attenuator is conveniently controlled by a graphical user interface GUI (Graphical User Interface) compatible with Windows. Additionally, for users who want to develop their own management interfaces, Vaunix provides LabVIEW drivers, Linux drivers and other software tools.

Multichannel attenuator LDA-906V-8 is specially designed for high-precision attenuation of signals of high-speed radio systems and communication networks. The main applications for it are: attenuation simulators for high-frequency radio systems WiMAX, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and others, testing laboratories, automatic test equipment.
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